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YouTube's April Fools' Day

A public video was revealed today featuring key YouTube stars and top YouTube management personnel. YouTube has declared that it will be shutting down tonight at midnight...which falls exactly before April 1, 2013 (April Fools' Day). The video announced that the popular site has secretly been an ongoing 8 year project that will end in an overall contest. The contest is to determine the best home video ever posted on YouTube and to recognize a winner. According to Tom Listing, communications Director at YouTube, once the clock reaches 12am tonight the site will vanish and no further video submissions can be posted as all of the content needs to begin a review process. This process is said to take a lengthy 10 years in order to decide on the best video, leaving the winner to be acknowledged in 2023. Viewers are encouraged to watch all of their favourite videos before time runs out- quite a genius marketing move! 

YouTube is not the only social media website with an April Fools' prank to trick the world; Google has it's own ideas like the Google Treasure Maps for tomorrow. Some of you may remember last year when Google made it's 8-bit Google Maps which transformed all maps into old school animations for the day.

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow and enjoy all of the clever ploys great websites are making for April Fools' Day.

(Samantha Murphy, http://mashable.com/2013/03/31/youtube-april-fools-day/)

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