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After its launch in 2010, Pinterest has received great attention and success for it's easy-to-navigate, pin-board styled website. The theme based boards allow for ideas, hobbies, businesses, etc to become noticed. Although it is basic to use, there are a few things you should know about how it works and how to use it to its fullest potential.
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It's easy for a small business to fall under the radar because of their lack of online presence. Making posts every week is key to success.
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The importance of a maintaining and sustaining a social media presence across all platforms is KEY for the success of your company.
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Hash tagging is one of the most importance aspects of properly advocating your business across social media websites!
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This news is exciting for users of the popular app Instagram, as you can now tag friends and have an area on your profile page for tagged photos of yourself. Much like Facebook tagging, it will allow a more personal feel to the app itself and help keep photos organized...
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Popular television network HBO has joined hands with Malaria No More, a nonprofit organization, and Novartis, a pharmaceutical company, to help increase treatment for children suffering from malaria. It was reported this month that Malaria No More would provide a “full course of treatment” to a child in Africa with malaria for each YouTube view of the trailer Mary and Martha...
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As of today, Twitter has launched an exciting new feature that will help advertisers better market to their target audiences. Twitter is now using keywords!
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A public video was revealed today featuring key YouTube stars and top YouTube management personnel. YouTube has declared that it will be shutting down tonight at midnight...
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The Wall Street Journal reported that hash tags are coming to Facebook in the near future. This could bring several advantages to Facebook and allow it to compete with other more current sites such as Twitter and Google +...
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As we all know Pinterest launched an option on their site to register as a business account, providing a new choice in addition to a personal account. This really puts businesses on the map as Pinterest has a high page rank of 8. Recently, they have added another feature that will benefit businesses even more!
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